AJA D10C Digital to Analog Video Converter (Decoder)
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AJA D10C Digital to Analog Video Converter (Decoder)


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Mfg. Part Number: D10C

Part Number: D10C

AJA D10C Digital to Analog Video Converter (Decoder), SDI SMPTE 259 @ 270mbps to Component Video, SDI SMPTE 259M to Composite Video NTSC and PAL
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The D10C is a Digital to Analog video converter; it accepts an SDI digital video input and converts to component NTSC analog and composite NTSC and PAL analog video. It features a small compact size for "in line" applications.

Key Features

Quality Conversion

This device features a full 10 bit data path for good quality D to A conversion.

Component Digital Video

This device converts component digital video (SDI SMPTE 259 @ 270mbps) to component analog video.


Utilizing the composite video output, this unit will support NTSC and PAL television standards.

Compact Size

The D10C Measures less than 6" in length and 1" wide, allowing it to fit into small "in line" studio spaces and on desktops.

Input SDI digital video, SMPTE 259M, or SMPTE 259 @ 270mbps (Component SDI) on a BNC connector
Output Composite analog video, (from SMPTE 259M) NTSC or PAL, on a BNC connector
Component analog video, (from SMPTE 259 @ 270mbps) on three BNC connectors
Sync, on a BNC connector
SDI Loop Out x2, on BNC connectors
Conversion SDI Component digital video (SMPTE 259 @ 270mbps) to Component analog video
SDI Composite digital video (SMPTE 259M) to Composite Analog video
Composite offers NTSC or PAL television standard selection
Control NTSC or PAL selection for composite output
Power Source 5 VDC from an optional AC Power Supply
Dimensions (WxDxH) 5.8 x 1 x 3.1"
14.7 x 2.5 x 7.9cm
Weight Less Than 1 lb
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